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10 things you need to know about WhatsApp New Policy

 We know, the current change in Whatsapp privacy policy has changed several things, including the dependency of users on the app and their trust. This amendment made Whatsapp lose enormous users which benefited other apps including telegram.

Without much delay, let us look at the top 10 things you need to know about the Whatsapp privacy policy.

1. Should you be worried about the latest rules on WhatsApp?

If you are engaged in illegal activity, the nature of the texts is not anything to be worried about, and police departments need the administrators of these applications to report text information. The subject of every WhatsApp message is encrypted and therefore can not be read clearly to target ads by anyone else, particularly not by Facebook.

2. Will WhatsApp interpret the personal messages or listen to them?

For the friends, relatives, and co-workers on WhatsApp, neither Facebook messenger nor Whatsapp will read the texts or listen to the calls. Anything you exchange, between you and the recipient, lasts. That’s how it preserves your private messages.

3. Does WhatsApp hold track of the calls and messages?

Although mobile providers and carriers historically archive this data, that would be both a security and privacy challenge for WhatsApp to hold these data for 2 billion users, so they wouldn’t do it.

4. Will my Mutual Location be Seen by WhatsApp?

The location is secured by end-to-end encryption anytime you communicate the location with somebody on WhatsApp, which ensures nobody can see your location except for the individual with whom you communicate it.


5. Does Whatsapp share Facebook with my contacts?

When you permit WhatsApp, they just access the phone numbers from your address book to speed up texting. Your contact lists are not shared with anyone.

6. Will WhatsApp View Material in a Group?

To send updates and to defend their product against spam and misuse, WhatsApp uses community membership. For advertisement reasons, they don’t share this info with Facebook. Again, such secret conversations were encrypted end-to-end, meaning their information can’t be shown.

7. After sending them, could I set up texts to fade away?

You may opt to schedule your messages to vanish from conversations after you sent them, for extra protection. Whatsapp will leave you a connection in the overview if you’d like to read more about how to render your messages vanish.

8. What data is currently obtained by WhatsApp?

Updating the terms and conditions of app providers and even blogs is fairly common for enterprises. Every single day we get that. Although the distinction is that it has been placed for consumers as some kind of eviction notice, so it persuades individuals to dig further into it.

9. Will Undelivered Texts be read by Whatsapp?

If a text is not instantly deliverable for instance, if the receiver is offline, we hold this on the database in an encrypted mode for 30 days while we attempt to send it. If, after 30 days, a text remains undelivered, we remove it.

10. Will Media Forwarding be seen by Whatsapp?

Whenever a client forwards media inside a post, Whatsapp stores the media on our database momentarily in encrypted form to help distribute additional forwarding more effectively.

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